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Would like to get around to (but feel free to do them yourself)[edit]

12 universal laws
Merneptah Stele
Robert KiyosakiUnder Construction
Phil Phillips
Duncan MacDougall
Thuan Nguyen
Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Mary Kay
Gary Greenwald (Work in Progress))
Ray Lewis (football player)
Ica stones
Sherry Shriner
Rendlesham forest incident
Royal Raymond Rife
Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson
Gary Spivey
The Thaw (Christian propaganda video)
Don Grundmann
Pearson’s guide
Dead Sea Scrolls
Etheric Warriors
Kamal Saleem
Ellie Crystal
George C. Deutsch
Douglas Phillips
Ergun Caner
Dorothy Martin (UFO cult leader)
Jamie Maussan
Byron Looper
Rick warren (expand, sons's suicide?)
Karla McLaren (ex-new ager skeptic)
John Freshwater
Judge Judy (WIP?)
Carlos Castaneda*****
Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero [1]
cobalt thiocyanate / roadside drug tests [2]
Black knight satellite
Ulick Varange


Alma Geddon (Absorbed into a larger page list of websites, reasonably so.)
Principalities and powers
Marfa Lights
Walid Shoebat
David Roberts
Salt woo
Naropa University

Semi Notable Crank Vloggers and Bloggers[edit]

I'm just keeping track of these things right now. We may need to condense them someday.

SyrianGirlPartisan Hbdchick Gates of Vienna Mysticalforest KassieDill Egmond Codfried The April and Wayne Show James I. Nienhuis Tony48219 Black Pigeon Speaks Martymer 81 SyeTen Atheist