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Neo Stalinist

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

Not actually a commie at all. Indeed, I strongly dislike communism. But I am Interested in politics, economics, and history! Hope to make useful contributions here. I'm a big believer in human progress, which I think is mostly owed to scientists. Many important figures are featured here, but there are a number who I'd like to see added, so I'll be working on them in a "Human Progress" series.

My African Dwarf Frog aquarium.

Heroes of human progress. If you're alive, you can probably thank one of these people.

Pages I've worked on, or am interested in.

Pages I've Started.


The most famous graph in the discipline.

Being a pretentious wannabe economist I decided to start some pages on basic economic concepts.

Good resources to learn some economics[edit]