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This user plays video games. This user also really, really likes Mario.
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This user is a Smooth Jazz Waluigi (but maybe rather a Super Jazzy Mario instead?).
This user is asexual and has no sex drive whatsoever. Getting laid with Mario is creepy and disgusting.
No doxxing plz.
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This user went to a public school, and was never homeschooled.
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Not to be confused with little green man though Mario is little, he sometimes wears green, and he is a man.

Welcome to my userpage. No, my username doesn't have any sort of political undertones. I'm left-handed, I play a lot of Mario games, and I use the Green Mario recolor in Super Smash Bros.. That's really all. It's just a big coincidence that I happen to fall on the left side of the political spectrum on pretty much everything, and I'm an environmentalist.

I'm a regular at RationalWiki. I'm not quite sure how I discovered this site, but I think I've looked up an article on logical fallacies. I had a small debate with another user, and the user mentioned Galileo as an assertion that science is wrong. I think the Galileo gambit page provided a nice rebuttal for my argument, but I also found the humor kind of silly. For a while, I became somewhat of a lurker, being a minor I.P. editor who makes small fixes. One day, I figured, hey, what the hell, I'm going to make an account. After all, my beliefs fit with this community. I'm an atheist, I support basically everything to the left in the political spectrum, and I do love a dose of snarky humor.

BabyLuigiOnFire is my identical twin sister, who is superior to me in every way. If you notice any similarities between the two, now you know why.

About me

Just not a tinfoil one. It's not as fashionable.

I'm a 24 year old avid Mario fan who, not surprisingly, plays video games and likes to talk about video games. Mario is my favorite character by far. My second favorite character is Luigi, who is often called "Green Mario". I love Mario and might have an unhealthy obsession with him. Show me a nice picture of Mario and the fangirl in me is going to go nuts. I also like to mod video games, and I've modded Left 4 Dead 2, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 8 Grand Theft Auto V, Spore, Garry's Mod. If it's not apparent already, I'm a total Mario nerd and I can nerd out with random Mario trivia and make the occasional Mario reference in my comments.

I was a frequent contributor to MarioWiki, and MarioWiki is actually among my first years of Wiki experience, being there since late 2009. I go by the moniker "Bazooka Mario Stylized Amanita muscaria.svg", so if you want to pop in and say hi over there, feel free. Keep in mind, the community over there is pret-ty liberal and is very pro LGBTQIA+.

My interests include not only gaming, but also birding (I love birds) and drawing. I want to work as a 3D modeler one day. My areas of interest that would be missional in RationalWiki would be vaccines, climate change, general food woo, gun control, immigration (somewhat), ADHD, and I'm not that knowledgeable or that interested about foreign policy, the debate around IQ tests, or economics, so I often cannot contribute a good share on those discussions.

I also care about grammar and syntax but will often politely ignore it, but not always (like self-proclaimed GrammarCommies making "it's" errors or Kings writing random all-caps).

Other traits
  • A cisgender female. I know there are dudes out there that lie (I mean cis dudes who lie that they are girls on the internet, I don't mean trans women at all; trans women are women), and you just have to take my word for it that I'm not one of those dudes.
  • Hapa. French Chinese descent. Due to my descent (probably), I enjoy all sorts of food from hamburgers to brussels sprouts to pie to pig brain to bok choy to pork intestine to spinach to cow tongue to tung ho to sushi to rare/medium rare steak to kimchi to ox tail soup to nachos to octopus to frog legs to brie to ikra to pizza to ratatouille to chicken gizzard to silkworm pupae; and I do have the unpopular opinion that eating cats and dogs in of itself is completely fine. There's no need to cast people (Asians in particular) who eat cats and dogs as "degenerates" or imply they are, and I find it wrong, overblown, racist, misguided, hypocritical that there are efforts to ban eating cats and dogs, but a lot of people try that.
  • Feminist Egalitarianism is just feel good platitude that won't accomplish anything. Men do get disadvantages in some aspects and we should level them but women have far more disadvantages overall and if we need to level the playing field, naturally this means proportionally giving more rights to women especially if they are in a racial minority. Men can have bad vision in the playing field compared to women but women have broken ankles, one arm missing, and twisted backs. We give men glasses, we repair women their serious wounds.
  • Atheist - the Bible is ancient fan fiction with rape (promoting it), foreskins, violence fetish, and furry porno. That people take it seriously, let alone worship it, is, frankly, gut-strain laughable. The other religions are very ridiculous too. Religion isn't compatible with modern society.
  • Asexual aromantic (Quoiromantic type). I find that sex is going to be a huge problem during my life not because I can't have it, but I don't want to have it and that will cause friction for partners, and I don't understand or appreciate what a lack of sex can do to people. I'm actually slightly resenting the idea that people expect sex from a loving relationship. I know sex is a basic function but I don't find it really important or even all that pleasurable. And there's the idea that "being laid" is some signifier of being a decent person, as the label "not being able to get laid" is usually applied to actual assholes like mikemikev; I find it highly upsetting and I do hope attitudes change, and people should stop using "getting laid", as a measure of decency.
  • For LGBTQ rights. Per above, I'm part of the spectrum. I don't know why social conservatives find this a problem. Social conservatives ARE the problem. I also have the very unpopular opinion that consensual sibling-sibling sexual relationships should not be taboo, and I do think non-offending pedophiles should be listened to.
  • Environmentalist. Nothing scares me more than climate change. While you can overstate its impact, climate changes effects are very bad and will get worse. I limit my meat intake when I can and I like fuel efficient cars.
  • Pro-GMO.
  • For gun regulation. Guns have no place in civilian society outside of maybe target shooting and maybe hunting but I don't like hunting as a "sport" either. Hunting crows absolutely breaks my heart. I don't support outright banning guns, but do support gun ownership through very strict means (and self-defense is not a valid means to own a gun).
  • For government regulation on corporate practices in general.
  • Pro-abortion. I do understand the concerns of the anti-abortion movement. I understand that terminating potential human life is bad but my problem with the anti abortion movement is that they fail to understand the bigger picture. I don't see anything redeeming about the anti abortion position as a movement, aside from the initial good-faith idea of letting fetus survive pregnancy. All they do, however, is help no one, not even the fetus, by restricting women, having fetus be born to a parent that doesn't want it, and disproportionately affecting the lower class. Anti abortion is a classist ideology. I also wouldn't even be here if my mom was forced to carry to term as she had abortions and a miscarriage before having me and my sister. Pro-life does not value quality life. It values birth in the family's worst socio economic conditions or otherwise put babies immediately for adoption, which I find more immoral than abortion. People who avoided abortions and were born shouldn't be killed however, but their parents took a gamble that impacted their life and while these people should try to lead quality lives, there are forced births that I fear leads to a very rough parentless time in adoption and I can't have peace of mind if I had to put my own recent children immediately for adoption.
  • Evolution is a theory. That means it should be taught in school, just like gravity.
  • Have ADHD. All symptoms of it. Psychiatry denial gets me furious. I also am appalled by how the Internet, especially the gaming part, treats autistic people as degenerate. I'm also offended when people trivialize ADHD when they characterize movies with hasty pacing as movies for those kids or when they disparage an unfocused part of a game as "ADHD".
  • Against capital punishment. Doesn't work, horribly expensive through appeals process, cruel, prone to racism, prone to sexism (against men), very classist. Support for it is just vengeance or ignorance of its costs.
  • Against Gamergate.
  • Global warming denier
  • Anti-GMO
  • Watches Fox News.
  • Anti-vaccine

In other words, I'm evil by Conservapedia standards.

I also used to be one of the types that used to decry "unnatural", "pesticides", "chemicals" in food would love to buy organic. I did find the idea of "natural" 7-Up to be ridiculous and I don't think high-fructose corn syrup is dangerous, just overapplied. I had distrusted MSG, though, and I was opposed to GMO labeling only because it's useless information (like, labels are already useless enough with bait-and-switch less fat - more sugar type) and not necessarily that GMOs were safe. I don't think I'll be on the level of FoodBabe or Mike Adams, but I would've been the type that would balk at the ingredient list in some foods.

I'm surprised by how many more people than I thought "used" to be one of the right-wing types before re-evaluating themselves.

Fun Mario fax

Spending just a measly hour with this miserable, cancer-of-the-brain-inducing game is like going naked hot-tubbing with Rush Limbaugh as your parents cheer and snap photos. I didn't think it was humanly possible for this series to get any worse than it was, but this entry wailed on my unmentionables until they were well past black and blue.
—Andrew Reiner on Mario Party 2, Game Informer issue #128
All in all, if Mario Party 6 was a real party, it'd be one of those parties where there's nothing to drink but warm Heineken and no one to talk to but people who are having trouble with their boiler and students who've just spent three months in Thailand and want to tell you all about how they got dysentery in Chiang Mai, while a Savage Garden fan hangs round the stereo all night glaring at anyone who tries to suggest an alternative.
Ellie Gibson on Mario Party 6, Eurogamer
Luigi and WWII.jpg

And Pokémon gets all the attention. Somehow.

Eggsternal Mario-related links for more Mario fax

What I've done so far here

Mario of disappointment.jpg


I lied.

Not significant enough as a WIGO

These nice folks at GameFAQs lose their shit over "cultural appropriation" when the cover of Super Mario Odyssey gets changed. The alteration? A small, blurry picture of Mario donning a sombrero gets changed to Mario in a swimsuit. The original picture wasn't too great to begin. The cultural appropriation argument doesn't really work. Mario looks like a stereotypical Italian plumber for Goat's sake. I'm sure the same people who lose their shit over this claim to be anti-PC but they're every bit PC as the imaginary Slew Jays are.

Recommended sites

If you're a regular reader, it also pays to read this as this sort of behavior from sea lions in this wiki is a constant annoyance to all involved. I'll cite this when relevant in the future.

The Mario Bros debate on abortion

Mario Bros Views On Abortion.jpg

Sad people who dislike transgender people, good grammar, good parodies, and RationalWiki

TERF (category pissed at us plz).png


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