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Parody British Army recruitment poster 2019.jpeg
I am Dysklyver, otherwise known as Arthur Kerensa. Currently a serial nuisance to all.
My email address is
Follow me on Twitter
Here on RationalWiki I have the tech-admin thingy so I can fix the sitenotice, mainpage, and edit filter.
I know how openstv works, however I also detailed it's operation here.
I live in Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. Google Maps.
I am unsure what my political slant is, but I think I am a centre-left liberal or a communist.
I am very blocked on wikipedia.
I am a sysadmin (not sysop) of World Wiki.
I detest tables and colours and stuff.
On IRC (freenode) as Dysklyver@unaffiliated/dysklyver
I am on Reddit and wikipediocracy as Dysklyver.
I have a blog called The Wiki Cabal.
I do technical stuff for a South Korean ebook hosting wiki.
I am working to migrate from Fandom/Wikia.
I like making Wiki sites, and I maintain it is easy to do.
Webmaster of xeldkf3nt3p5zcev.onion
I am on Discord as Dysk#2545

Gears.png As a Techadmin on RationalWiki: I pledge to try my best to help whenever an instance of technofuckwittery ensures, even if it is a severe case of PEBKAC. I furthermore pledge that I will try to avoid breaking the wiki, but if I make a mistake, I will be grateful to whoever speedily fixes it.