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Tim Todd

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Tim Todd is an evangelist who runs Revival Fires International Ministries based in West Monroe, LA. Following in the vein of Jack Chick, Tim Todd's ministry publishes various "kid-friendly" media series designed to warn your children of dangers of evolution, rock music, homosexuality, abortion, and Harry Potter. These include The Truth for Youth series of evangelical tracts, which are similar to Chick Tracts, but in a more contemporary manga style (there is also a Truth for Youth Bible which features the New Testament stores in a comic book format). Todd boasts of of his "TFY" Bible having been endorsed by the likes of Michael Reagan, Rod Parsley, Pat Boone, Jerry Falwell, and others

The online store also includes other media including the "Hairy Polarity" comic book (a Harry Potter parody which teaches your children about the real witchcraft found in the book series), as well as the "Freddy for Jesus" children's program - which features Todd and his "puppet buddy" Freddy (who bears an eerie resemblance to the 80's Michael Jackson) teaching your kids about the Bible.

His ministry has been featured on many news stations (such as CNN and Fox) and Christian programs (such as the 700 Club).[1]

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