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Robin Falkov O.M.D. is an oriental/homeopathic "physician" who has a private clinical practice in Florida pretending to be a Primary Care Physician.[1]

Doctor Falkov gives her patients oriental and homeopathic "treatments" that either do nothing (homeopathy) or are potentially dangerous (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Just when you thought that wasn't bad enough, Falkov is a right wing paranoid nut who posts conspiracy theories on her website, "Health Freedom Rights" as well as being featured on the batshit insane totally legit and respected Coast to Coast AM.[2] Reaching into the bottom of the filthy toilet bowl of right wing politics, Falkov is a die hard Donald Trump supporter. [3]

(Lack of) Medical education[edit]

Falkov obtained her Doctorate in Oriental Medicine from Acupuncture and Massage College in Miami and a diploma from the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners.[2]

Searches to look up Falkov's credentials only turn up results from alternative medicine websites and nowhere else (seriously, go ahead and try).

A dip into woo (The skeptic meter has exploded)[edit]

Health Freedom Rights is a mixture of medical woo, hucksterism and and conspiracy theories. An example is that Falkov believes that the New World Order is at hand.[citation needed] Water from the Gulf of Mexico (succussed) is on sale for $22.99 plus shipping, a 2-ounce bottle. This was originally offered as a cure for people suffering from ingestion of that same water, polluted by the oil spill of 2010. Though Falkov is paranoid about the government taking her herbs (doesn't that sound familiar?) , she used the Centers for Disease Control (A government agency) as a source on radiation sickness.

Vaccine exemption form[edit]

Health Freedom Rights has a printable vaccination exemption form so a person does not have to get a child vaccinated.[4] Falkov has stated that "measles doesn't kill." Measles does kill or it can lead to nasty conditions such as Hepatitis or Encephalitis. [5]. Long story short- Get your fucking vaccines, it won't kill but infectious diseases can!

The Water Story[edit]

This in a nutshell states that you should not drink tap water due to toxins nor should you take a shower due to toxins in the water and water vapor.[6]

An excerpt from her website:

  1. What we have with residual drug trace amounts in water is a constant, low dose exposure/treatment for the population.
  2. This was first reported at least 20 years ago.
  3. This is exposure for more than one generation. (continuous exposure to toxins will result in mutation/change)
  4. We are constantly being dosed/drugged with these trace amounts of pharmaceuticals.
  5. Even if you drink bottled water, livestock and poultry are raised with water. How many are given high quality R/O (Reverse Osmosis) or high quality, multi-stage filtration system water?
  6. Crops are watered. How many use high quality R/O or high quality, multi stage filtration system water?
  7. When you shower, your pores are open and toxins can be absorbed, as well as vapor inhalation in the lungs. The skin is the largest organ of the body.

Though Falkov wants people to stop using tap water, she fails to realize many people cannot afford advanced water filtration. On a water filtration system costs $249 [7] .


Falkov endorses a "medication" called Bryomixol which is billed as a life-saving cancer cure, but according to[1][8] it is a distilled water homeopathic treatment that does nothing other than drain your bank account. However, it is used by Naturopathic physicians practitioners as a cancer treatment; because of the lack of regulation Naturopaths can get away with scamming their desperate cancer patients who have nowhere else to turn.


Pray that you are never seated near Falkov on a long flight--or any flight, come to that. According to Richard Hoagland, she uses an ozone generator while in flight. Given that almost everyone can detect ozone at a concentration as low as 0.1 part per million, and that most people's response is mild to severe headache, it's quite hard to imagine anything more inconsiderate to fellow passengers than such a device. Mustard gas, perhaps?

Healing with Light (when the quackery above just isn't enough)[edit]

On Falkov's website she has a section called "Healing with Light". This treatment is what the name implies--using light to treat disease. The suckercustomer buys LED panels that are hooked up in a room, and this treatment is claimed to treat pain. However, the Mayo Clinic website states that light therapy is used for mental health and physical conditions such as- Seasonal Affective Disorder, Sleep problems, Dementia, Schedule changes and Jet lag [9] (No mention of pain problems). You can get an LED Light Therapy machine for the low low price of $849.00 with an extra $30 in shipping costs!

GMO hysteria[edit]

As to be expected, Falkov thinks GMO's are evil. It seems people should be outraged that "GMO's are not labeled", though it is damn near impossible for people to get food that is not GMO.

Please support the efforts of 20 states working hard for labeling of GMO products in our food. It is our basic right to know that must now be passed as law. This is an outrage - to try to deny that information for making informed choices.

Wing nut conspiracies[edit]

The major conspiracy Falkov believes in is the New World Order and the minor conspiracy that herbal medicines will be banned from being traded. The conspiracies are health-related and have no law-related or scientific basis.

Stopped Clock moment[edit]

Her website has some actually useful information in the section titled "Ebola". Falkov talks about isolation protocol and hand washing to prevent Ebola infection; as well as the use of hazmat protocol, rubber gloves and barrier medical care.

Event Horizons[edit]

"Doctor" Falkov hosts an internet-streamed radio chat show on Freedomslips Studio A five mornings a week. A frequent guest is her live-in partner, Richard Hoagland.

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