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Robert Lazar with some bottles of element 115 he smuggled out of Area 51. Pinky swear
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Robert Lazar (1959–) is a double-edged sword of UFO cranks. On the one hand, he's a pathological liar with a long laundry list of fantasies about working at Area 51. On the other hand, he runs United Nuclear, one of the very few chemical supply houses still supplying as many unrestricted chemicals as possible to amateur chemists. Make of him what you will, but if you need fifty feet of magnesium ribbon, a neodymium magnet the size of a brick (for, I don't know, wiping credit cards from ten feet away?), or a jar of heavy water, he's your best source.

And he also has an amusingly goofy graphic involving uranium on his website.

Legal troubles[edit]

  • In 1990, Lazar plead guilty to felony pandering.[1]
  • In 2007, United Nuclear Scientific Supplies LLC was fined $7,500 and received three years probation for violating federal law which prohibits the sale of materials used to make illegal fireworks.[2]

His claims[edit]

Most people in the UFO community think Lazar's even too crazy for them.[3] Some of his claims:

  • Got a Master's degree in Physics from MIT
  • Was hired to work as a scientist at Area 51
  • Worked in US military program to "back engineer"[note 1] alien technology and power anti-gravity propulsion craft at an alleged site in Area 51 called S-4[4]
  • Browsed inside UFOs powered by Element 115 parked in a hangar, tried to sit in seats but found them too small
  • Saw secret reports documenting grey aliens involvement with mankind for over 10,000 years
  • Says aliens are from Zeta Reticuli

Proof of his claims[edit]


he said it so it must be true

Element 115[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Moscovium

Long before Moscovium was created and assigned the number 115 on the periodic table of elements, Lazar claimed it was capable of powering anti-gravity engines. Some people feel this vindicates Lazar (and proves the rest of his kooky claims). However, for Bob Lazar to be right, virtually all of modern atomic physics would need to be wrong:

Unfortunately, the very method of his apparent vindication - that element 115 had finally been created - directly contradicts a key claim that Bob Lazar made: Ununpentium cannot be synthesized in a lab. That it must be found in naturally occurring deposits that can only be made in high-mass star systems.[5]

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  1. Proper term would be "reverse engineer" not "back engineer".