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A lunatic Chaplin imitator
and his greatest fans

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First as tragedy
Then as farce
Jews are generally associated with Judaism, but also with economic corruption, manipulation, shame and most of all with nepotism.
—Rightpedia's openly anti-Semitic article on Jews

Rightpedia (en.rightpedia.info) is an extremist neo-Nazi, alt-right wiki created by ex-Metapedia sysops. Although Metapedia and Rightpedia are ideologically identical (white nationalist, pro-Hitler, racialist, anti-Semitic and Holocaust denialist), the difference is Rightpedia doxes and contains defamatory articles on political opponents, such as liberals, socialists and members of the House of Commons. It is therefore similar to the far-right website Redwatch.Wikipedia's W.svg

Rightpedia was taken offline by GoDaddy in November 2018, after alleged complaints of the website hosting child abuse images.[1]


Rightpedia was created sometime in 2015 by ex-Metapedia sysops Eleonóra Dubiczki (aka Fiala, Hu1, Vajna)[2], Michael Coombs (a.k.a. Mikemikev) and A Wyatt Man who were banned from Metapedia.[3][4] One of the reasons for the ban was the fact Dubiczki and Coombs were misusing the wiki to attack and smear political enemies. They were banned after complaints were made on the Nordisk web community portal (now offline) in November 2014 where owner of Metapedia Anders Lagerström posted (as Daniel F).[5]

Fiala is the main editor of the Hungarian Rightpedia. The English version is more popular with 88.12% of its total traffic, 36.8% of Rightpedia's traffic is from the USA.[6]

In 2018 the SPLC noted that the white nationalist co-founder of Rightpedia has created hundreds of sockpuppets on Wikipedia.[7] Mikemikev confirmed these accounts belonged to him.[8]

Racist and anti-Semitic content[edit]

Rightpedia admin Michael Coombs, bragging about Rightpedia on Twitter.
The site [Rightpedia] is self-styled as an Alt-right Wikipedia. The content is predictably racist and intensely anti-Semitic.
Hate Speech Watch

Rightpedia contains hundreds of racist and anti-Semitic articles, many of which attack black and Jewish people. The website argues that sub-Saharan Africans have innately the lowest intelligence and compares them to gorillas.[9] They also describe black people like animals:

The chief feature of a person of Subsaharan Africa is torturing with noise. Like with murder, any race has members of its population that do it, it just varies. However for blacks (and mestizos), 100% of their population tortures with noise guaranteed every chance they get. They do to their neighbors, even while they're all asleep by either leaving man-sized speakers going or by getting animals that make noise all night. They do it to people who hear their vehicles go by. They will amass somewhere away from home and do it to everyone near them. It is a 100% guarantee that blacks and mestizos will always torture with noise as much as they can. There is no other behavior so defining of these two races, so guaranteed of them, than this.[9]

Many articles on Rightpedia are strongly anti-Semitic, for example they describe Jewish people as:

Disloyal, greedy, truculent, selfish, cunning, dishonest, cocky, deceitful, envious, vindictive, ungrateful, cowardly, big-mouthed, ugly, pompous, perverted, thievish, murderous, sadistic and to have many more negative traits.[10]

A fellow might get the impression that these jokers make a habit of psychological projection...

Hosting issues[edit]

Rightpedia was initially hosted by Orain, which refused to take it down due to their Terms of Service which supports freedom of speech.[11] However, Orain was closed down in September 2015 due to being hacked,[12][13] and Rightpedia moved to MW Zip before being deleted from there as well.[14] After that, they purchased hosting from GoDaddy.[15]

According to Google safe browsing analytics, Rightpedia is considered a dangerous domain.[6]


Rightpedia currently hosts defamatory articles on anti-fascists and politicians written by Michael Coombs and Eleonora Dubiczki. Coombs has also targeted people he personally dislikes and uses Rightpedia to harass, by doxing them and writing libel. Coombs has admitted Rightpedia's aim is to create "hit pieces" on its political opponents (such as liberals) and Jewish people. Dubiczki has targeted politicians such as Diane Abbott and Luciana Berger.[16]

When hosted by Orain several of these libellous articles were removed for violating Orain's Terms of Service.[17]

Admins from Rightpedia have been criticized for allegedly harassing people by impersonating them.[18]

Images of dead children[edit]

Disturbing images of dead children have been put on Rightpedia's articles about anti-fascists and liberal politicians to smear them.[19]

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