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Patriot Action Network is a batshit crazy networking site where any radical right activist can post their opinions or start their own blog and receive validation from fellow wingnuts. The site's stated purpose is to unite Tea Party activists and "patriots".

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Conspiracy theories, ranging from chemtrails, global warming denialism, and the New World Order, to the Illuminati, and NAFTA litter the site.[1][2][3][4][5] Conspiracy theories centered around Barack Obama are especially popular: Birtherism is well-represented,[6][7] as is the fear that Obama is going to take everyone's guns.[8]

The site also attacks the theory of evolution.[9]

LGBT issues[edit]

Patriot Action Network makes National Review Online look liberal on LGBT issues. They are vehemently homophobic; one blogger believes that "sodomites are a bigger threat to the United States than terrorism".[10] Another encouraged people to harass the President of the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank until the bank took down a gay pride flag that was flying outside.[11] Darla Dawald posted "Patriot Action Alerts" about gays being allowed to join the Boy Scouts and supported a petition to continue the ban.[12]

The attitude towards transgender people is arguably even worse and wacky conspiracy theories about homosexual recruitment are not uncommon.[13]

Notable members[edit]

  • Darla Dawald- The nutty "National Director" of the site. She has promoted the idea that there is a War on Christmas,[14] global warming denialism,[15] and John Hagee's New World Order nonsense.[16] She likes to address the site's users as "patriots" and likes exclamation marks even more.
  • Sarah Pitta- The Massachusetts state director. Her posts are usually about the progressive War on Christmas and Christianity.[17] She's also pushed conspiracy theories around healthcare rationing under ObamaCare and compares Obamacare to Nazi eugenics.[18]
  • Carl Gottstein- A moderator on the site who is constantly paranoid that Obama is trying to give illegal immigrants amnesty.[19]

There are many more members but documenting all their nuttiness just isn't worth the effort.

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