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Norman Geisler

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Norman L. Geisler (b. 1932) is a Christian apologist, author, and the co-founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary.[1] He describes himself as a "moderate Calvinist."[2] He received his Ph.D. in philosophy from Loyola University.[3]

Geisler takes issue with many of the concepts of traditional Calvinism. Regarding limited atonement he believes that the atonement is limited only in result.[4] Geisler has published several books.[3]

Geisler was also heavily involved in the drafting of the fundamentalist Chicago Statements,[5] writing extensive commentary on them; quite an ironic task, considering that the statements were intended to speak to the "clarity of Scripture."


  • If God, Why Evil? (Bethany, 2011).
  • Making Sense of Bible Difficulties (Baker, 2009).
  • The Apologetics of Jesus (Baker, 2009).
  • The Big Book of Bible Difficulties (Baker, 2008).
  • When Skeptics Ask (Baker, 2008).
  • Is Rome the True Church?: A Consideration of the Roman Catholic Claim (Crossway, 2008).
  • Conviction Without Compromise (Harvest House, 2008).
  • Love Your Neighbor (Crossway, 2007).
  • Correcting The Cults (Baker, 2005).
  • Bringing Your Faith To Work (Baker, 2005).
  • Who Made God? (Zondervan, 2003).
  • Is Your Church Ready? (Zondervan, 2003).
  • I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist (Crossway, 2004), co-authored with Frank Turek.[6]

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