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They have a great (if slightly worrying) flag

Newfoundland is Canada's easternmost and newest province. Because of a border dispute with Quebec, its name has been formally changed to Newfoundland and Labrador, although nobody outside of Newfoundland ever remembers this. Except Labrador Retrievers. They used to be an independent country before they went bankrupt and voted to join Canada.

When it joined Canada, it had three natural resources in its favour: fish stocks (which have since been depleted due to overfishing and environmental devastation), hydroelectric power (which has since been pwned by Quebec) and oil (which will only be pried from its cold, dead hands). For some reason, the rest of Canada likes to make fun of Newfoundland, albeit in a very different way than they make fun of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, etc.

Newfies live in their very own personalized time capsule cube zone, at UTC-3:30. It is rumoured that there may be jokes about this.

Newfoundland likes to vote en masse for populist politicians.

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