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Hyles-Anderson College

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Sieg Heil Hyles-Anderson College is an unaccredited fundamentalist Christian college in Lake County, Indiana. The college is known for creationism, sexism, and homophobia.[1] Hyles-Anderson is modeled after Pensacola Christian College and Bob Jones University in terms of rules and atmosphere. The college is Independent Baptist and requires belief that the Bible is infallible. The school is affiliated with the First Baptist Church of Hammond [2].

Doctrinal statement[edit]

Creation: We believe all things were created by God the Father. We believe that the Word (the Son of God) was with God and that all things were made by and through Him and that without Him was not anything made that was made. We believe that the Spirit of God moved upon Creation and was also instrumental in bringing man to life. The original Creation was completed in six literal days.
—Our Doctrinal Statement[3]


Note that not all programs are listed.

Because of raging sexism, indoctrination academics are gender segregated for the most part. Only men are are allowed to apply for pastoral programs. Women get wonderful classes such as, "Introduction to Cooking", "Preparation for Marriage", "Understanding Your Husband" and "Home Decorating". Degrees and diplomas include: Elementary Education, Secondary Education (both genders can enroll), Pastoral Theology, Assistant Pastoral Studies, and Counseling. There are "Science"/Mathematics minors and education concentrations, these are- Biology, Physics and Mathematics. Legit courses of study have heavy religious preaching crammed into them. On the plus side, teacher education graduates cannot get licensed in any state (be thankful for that).[4]

The faculty of the college have some VERY IMPRESSIVE credentials from fine schools such as: Hyles-Anderson College, Bob Jones University and some less impressive schools such as Ohio State University, Ball State University and University of Texas.


There is no accreditation whatsoever. Searches on the site have no mention of accreditation.[5]

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