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Apply directly to forehead. HeadOn, apply directly to forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to forehead! HeadOn, apply directly to forehead!
"Clever" commercial

HeadOn was originally a topical homeopathic medicine, meant to cure headaches. It claims to have a "clinically proven active ingredient for topical headache relief" inside it. However, there have been no peer reviewed studies showing it does anything beyond the placebo effect. Since it is not water-based, just like Oscillococcinum is not, it is not truly homeopathic since it does not have "water memory". Ownership of HeadOn has since been transferred at least once and is now owned by Miralus Health Care; it has been reformulated as an homeopathic "containing" herbs only.[1]

Before reformulation, it consisted almost entirely of wax, with extremely dilute to nonexistent concentrations of plants and potassium dichromate. Potassium dichromate and other chromium (VI) compounds cause cancer in humans based on high-dose worker inhalation exposures.[2] However, the quantities of its non-wax ingredients are measured in parts per trillion, akin to putting an eye dropper amount into 5 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The same people who make HeadOn also have made other quack products, especially in treating arthritis pain. Most people probably know of HeadOn for the constant spam of amazingly awful commercials.[note 1] Perhaps the company was trying to give people headaches and drum up some business.

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Some respect must be given to the makers of HeadOn for one of the greatest practical jokes of all time, resulting in millions of gullible Americans rubbing wax on their foreheads.

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  1. Including commercials making fun of their own commercials