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Franklin Graham during his Decision America tour at the Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln, Neb.
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Franklin Graham (born 1952) is the son of the famous evangelical pastor Billy Graham.


Franklin Graham called Islam "a very wicked and evil religion".[1][2][3] He also stated on ABC's television show This Week that, “They want to build as many mosques and cultural centers as they possibly can so they can convert as many Americans as they can to Islam".[4]


Graham assumes without evidence that progressives are mostly atheists.[5]

Gay agenda[edit]

Franklin Graham believes that the American government is pushing a "gay agenda" and that homosexuals are actively involved in "recruiting" and "exploiting" children. [6] He supports Putin's anti-gay laws [7] and was on board for North Carolina's Amendment 1. [8]

Trump and neo-nazis[edit]

Following the Unite the Right demo in Charlottesville, VA, at which a white supremacist killed an anti-racism protestor, Graham rushed to defend Donald Trump and the continuing presence of Confederate statues, saying that the removal of these monuments to racists and traitors was responsible for Heather Heyer's death. While many people had condemned Trump for stoking racial tensions and refusing to condemn American neonazis, Franklin issued a Facebook post saying "Shame on the politicians who are trying to push blame on President Trump for what happened in #Charlottesville, VA. That’s absurd. What about the politicians such as the city council who voted to remove a memorial that had been in place since 1924, regardless of the possible repercussions?"[9]

Looking for God (in all the wrong places)[edit]

In June 2016, Graham said that he had no hope for the Democrats and the Republicans and that he's "running a campaign to put God back in the political process."[10]. He later spoke at Donald Trump's inaguration.[11] Putting these two fact together, it would seem that Graham thinks Trump is chosen by God, cause, you know, he's such a Godly person.

Graham also spoke in defense of accused sexual predator Roy Moore during Moore's campaign for the US Senate, saying:[12]

So many denouncing Roy Moore when they are guilty of doing much worse than what he has been accused of supposedly doing. Shame on those hypocrites.