Essay:Pros and Cons of Atheism

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Contrary to what many religious apologists like to claim, atheism can be just as much as a blessing as it can be a curse, if not more of a blessing. Here are some of the pros and cons of being irreligious:


  • Free Sundays!
  • You get to take full credit for your triumphs and accomplishments in life (and give others credit for theirs)
  • You get to admit that you don't know the exact answer to a question like "How did life/the universe come to be?", rather than just inserting God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or whatever view you so fancy.
  • No fear of eternal punishment! :)
  • You get to have guilt-and-shame-free sex!
  • You get to focus more on this life!
  • Better, more imaginative sense of morality: Doing what you think is right because you are a good person and enjoy selflessly doing good things, rather than just following orders through fear of punishment and promise of moral dessert
  • No need to fantasize about the rapture and destruction of all who are not like you in every way (beliefs, existential opinion, political opinion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.)
  • AND MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: You don't ever have to think of anyone as deserving eternal torment!


  • No afterlife :(
  • You still have to take responsibility for your failures (but hey, at least you are mature enough to hold yourself accountable)
  • No Satan to deflect blame onto for every minor inconvenience in your life and on the planet. Damn!
  • Society hates you (we're working on that, though; don't worry)