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Heizo Takenaka (竹中 平蔵, 1951-) is a Japanese economist, politician. from Wakayama.


He served as the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications under the Koizumi administration.

When Postal service privatization is performed, a major problem is supposed to occur but it has been evaluated because it could be avoided.

His thought is not from far-right and ultranationalism, and he has not belonged to the Nippon Kaigi. Heizo Takenaka was a left wing student.


2018, lecture by Heizo Takenaka was decided at Toyo University(東洋大学), but a student protest took place. Students who protested were disposed of. There were also members belonging to the far-left group Chukakuha[1].

Heizo Takenaka is susceptible to attack by conspiracy theories and Toshitsu(糖質).


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