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A bit (binary digit) is the smallest piece of information conceivable. Apart from The Sun.

Relation to computers[edit]

Bits are heavily used in the computer industry. A modern computer can contain more than 68 billions of them in memory alone, and the demand is skyrocketing. Luckily, bits seem to be a renewable resource.

Relation to creationism[edit]

The concept of a bit is unique in that it is the only truly irreducibly complex object known to man. In most cases, when creationists are asked how much they actually know about evolution, a somewhat truthful yet diplomatic answer would be "a bit." In real life that doesn't happen, possibly because they believe bits of information can be complex and/or specified.

In many cases, creationists believe that they possess this mythical kind of information, resulting in their hallmark state of being perpetually not even wrong.

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