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Ballotpedia is a right-wing blog and wiki masquerading as a neutral voter information website, with 34 paid staff to keep important topics such as "Dead people voting news"[1] up to date. The ostensible focus of the wiki is on state governments, with a database of information on U.S. state executives, legislators, districts, candidates for such positions and ballot measures.

The site was founded by the Citizens In Charge Foundation, a libertarian activist organisation. The site is currently run by a remarkably well-fed nonprofit called the Lucy Burns Institute, which is substantially funded by Koch Industries money, funnelled in via various corporate shells.[2] Board members include Erick Erickson.[3]

The staff work to look like they're putting in more effort than they are. e.g. on the surface, the "Dead people voting news" page looks like it's filled with many news articles of actual cases of dead people voting, but it's just a Google news script of "Dead + People + Voting + [fill-in state]", which is a poorly conceptualized search without any real stories.[1]

Although it looks like a wiki and uses MediaWiki as its CMS,[4] it is not broadly publicly editable, though there is an editor status of "carefully vetted members of the general public",[5] with every edit first reviewed by staff.

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