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It's not anarchy
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It's not fascism, it's just:
It's just fascism:
… "Show me a society where I could maximize specifically my freedom as a white male, without giving up privileges. Also not fascism, kthxbai" more or less.

Anarcho-monarchism is an ideology presented as a form of anarchism but with a monarch. No real political parties believe in this, so it's basically a thought experiment which became a meme. It is also easy to dismiss as complete idiocy since monarchs and anarchism are mutually exclusive. Proponents claim this is addressed with a form of voluntaryism.

Anarcho-monarchism competes with anarcho-capitalism and anarcho-fascism for the attention of the reactionary crowd. The core is a type of ancapistan[1] with a monarch rather than corporate feudalism. The ideology is anti-democracy and anti-egalitarian and includes a ruler with absolute unchecked power.

It is widely believed to have originated as the personal ideology of Lord of the Rings author J. R. R. Tolkien.[2] Described in a letter to his son Christopher.[3] Tolkien's politics have also been descried as Tory Anarchism.[4]

In 2018 the libertarian reactionary writer Insula Qui published a set of essays on the subject.[5][6]

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