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Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn by Jonas Nilsson
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Anarcho-fascism (anfash) is an oxymoron and an inherently self-contradictory branch of far-right white supremacist ideology. Despite the name, it closely resembles fascism and contains no notable component of anarchism. Proponents of the ideology claim that it makes perfect sense, based on their own flawed reinterpretation of anarchism. Anarcho-fascism has acquired a cult status as a meme ideology, propelled in part by the popularity of the also self-contradictory ideology anarcho-capitalism. One interpretation of anarcho-fascism is some lone wolf going nuts Mad Max style and taking out enemies of "his people". Anarcho-fascism can, rarely, also be used to describe versions of libertarianism that are extremely culturally regressive, such as what Hoppe advocated for.


Anarcho-fascism shares many common elements with other Third Position ideologies such as national anarchism. The ideology originated in Sweden with the book Anarcho-Fascism: Nature Reborn by Swedish far-right white supremacist Jonas Nilsson.[1] This remains the only substantial work on the subject, although a number of proponents have written supporting manifestos. The ideology is primarily found among far-right groups on the internet where it spread among other ideology as a recruitment tool.


ideology is just an idea, fantasy and therefor it can be paradoxal.[sic] It just needs to be believed without even noticing believe in it and without fully understanding it. Because it is probable one cant believe intentionaly[sic] into something, which is paradoxal[sic] when understanding it in same time.
—Martin Pavlíček.[2]

The basic premise is that described in Jonas book, which focuses on three main topics;

The lie[edit]

Based on a passage from Mein Kampf, Jonas describes existing western philosophical thought as a "lie" indoctrinated into the gullible masses.

The war[edit]

Little more than a misogynistic rant against the "feminized Swedish establishment", Jonas calls upon themes of radical traditionalism and other common right-wing tropes to claim that men have a natural monopoly on violence and innate superiority.

The state[edit]

Building on his previous two rants, Jonas details the Swedish state, calling it oppressive and calling for its removal.

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