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Jack Abramoff was a Republican lobbyist and good friend of Tom DeLay, until he was caught taking bribes from both sides in a case of two Native American tribes that were fighting each other to get the other's casino shut down. He was also part of the Duke Cunningham scandal, which saw a sitting Congressman convicted of bribery. This also led to the Dusty Foggo scandal, which saw the CIA's number 3 go to jail for bribery and money laundering. And...

Most of Congress quickly denounced him, but for some reason Dana Rohrabacher continued to support him all the way through.

(He was also the producer of an 80's anti-Commie action movie that got in serious trouble for using South African army units as extras, in direct violation of the anti-apartheid rules set up by the SAG.)

Now a high powered pizza man.[1]


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